This is the first blog post.

They say I need more text on my website so that Google has more stuff to look at and can send more people my way, so that I can make them laugh, so here it goes, I give to you my attempt at putting text content into my page.


1. Why does everyone make blog content in list form?

Lists have inundated the internet. It's our favourite way of disseminating information. Brief, bite-sized bullets are bound to be found in every blog you binge these days.  If it's text based it's listed. They're everywhere and everyone knows it. Twitter loves lists. Facebook definitely loves lists. HOLY CRAP, THIS BLOG POST IS ALSO A FRIGGIN LIST.

After that rigorous list assessment I think it's safe to say lists are a desirable way to absorb information.

Here's a more eloquent elaboration from the New Yorker: A list of reasons why our brains love lists.

2. Are humor blogs even a thing?

I mean straight text base? We have replaced text as our main medium of online communication. It's all YouTube channels and AR video games and digital Pokemon hiding behind fire hydrants. All of which I find truly exciting to see develop. I wonder what an AR comedy app would look like.

Is this blog a thing? We have yet to see. This is post one. Who knows? I could never write another goddamned thing again. Then what? Then this post is going to look ridiculous. Like say you came to punmug in 2023 and there it is, one solitary post from 2019, just rotting away. My blog post list would have one bullet. Just enough to kill it. But don't worry! This will only be reality in some alternate 2023 universe because I pledge to include way more blog posts before that year is the year that everyone agrees is the current year.

Are humor blogs a thing? I'm pretty sure. I just need to google it real quick...

Well duh, of course they are. Would you believe the top two results from googling 'humor blogs' are both lists? Whoa, how fitting. Top 100 and Top 25.  Check those out to get a good overview on the internet humor landscape we're traversing. Together. As part of the big pun partnership.

It isn't surprising that most of the sites that made those two lists are video or gif related, and if not that the most definitely picture based. This doesn't come as earth shartering news. Seems like a funny time to be focusing on writing but I am eager to give it a go. Applying a writing routine to my life will be the only hope this punmug blog has.

3. Is this blog even funny?

I want it to be. I get a kick out of writing stuff that I know others will be kicked by similarly. I suppose I will leave that judgement up to you. If you're laughing and it's a direct reaction to something you experienced on this website then please email us!

I think this is pretty funny:

5 Things that should be on this shirt


4. Is content itself a pun?

Well I'm content with making content in text form. I suppose if you were making a pros and cons list to help clarify your decision on something you could draw two camping tents on a white board, and under each tent you could list pros and cons. Then you'd have a con tent. And if you were really keen you could use that pro and con tent as content to be content with your decision. I would be content to contend that my content of comments contain comedy.


5. Why do I like puns so much?

I don't know. I think that's what this blog post should be about.

To understand puns is to understand misunderstanding.  I suppose i find the subtle bouts of confusion they produce amusing. They tease at the edges of language and its attempt to ever evolve into a more efficient system of communication. Maybe my attempt to use excessive amounts of puns is my version of giving the development of language a cold plunge. Stress testing its clarity by forcing attention to the inevitable blunders and incongruities of a non perfect system. We're friggin paving the way to a more effective level of linguistic integrity! Or maybe I'm just rambling and that makes no sense. Let's discuss this. Please comment. Two way dialogue is way more productive. 

Oh and buy the shirt because you need another shirt and you enjoyed the article. Yes this might be a shameless plug but I don't care, full transparency, i want your money and this is my supposed attempt at providing you with value. Now I don't want to dig into this point too much and I fear I may have already done that so I'll just settle by committing to never forget to push my merch on you.  Fair warning.

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