On the fourth day of Christmas my true love gave to me:



By the way, click on any of these lovely gifts to purchase. I highly encourage it. Nowhere else will you find such unique gift so don't bother looking. You found them all. 

Four crawling bibs. What gives? That's a stretch too. The original is four calling birds. Calling birds are actually a slur of collie birds which meant blackbirds according to wikipedia. As of 2019 a calling bird will cost you $149.99, according to the PNC Christmas Price Index But I'm not sure that's the price for a blackbird or the price of a phone for that black bird to make a call. I'm legitimately confused about this and would like someone to shed light on the issue for me. If you can clarify for me please leave a comment down below!

These bibs are $16 a piece.. Either way, way more affordable. $64 for 4
You need 36 for the full roster so here we go:

36 CALLING BIRDS = $5399.64



So yesterday you saved $915. The day before, $2970 savings on the turtle dove replacement, the $2172 you saved by buying twelve T-shirts instead of 12 partridges and pear trees and your total savings on day two of Christmas will be $6972. This is getting significant. I'm so happy you get so save so much money this year.

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